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Paul's Colorado Photography provides premium fine art photographic services, in the boutique fashion, the photography is tailored to each client with a discerning taste for quality. We believe in creating powerful photography, with sessions that provide for a comfortable and fun environment so the client can relax and reveal his or her true personality. We are also strong advocates of individuality and understand that each client’s photography needs will be different, making us passionate about getting to know each person before that first photo is ever taken..
 The fine art photographic prints are heirloom in quality, printed from premium papers and mounted on top of the line mounting options. They are more than memories, they are heirlooms... they are masterpieces.
My Previous Clients

You won't want to miss seeing the awesome photos Paul takes. He is truly a master in finding just the right moment and creating a spectacular photo.
Check out his website. You will be glad you did.
Pat Yates
Reynolds and Dunn Music

Paul has by far the most sensational imagery of Colorado I have ever seen. His images are great for both professional and personal collections with both unique and categories of interest where he stands out as having the best in any area.
Ken Wyble
Director of Business Development

Paul Gana is an amazing photographer. He has a keen sense of how to shoot an environment in a way that truly brings out the beauty of nature...He's a true artist: passionate and dedicated to his craft.
Kelly K Rush
Gallery Director/Curator
I have worked with Paul a couple of different times. He is a great guy to work with.
His passion for photography and the images he can produce with a camera are amazing.
Ben Newcomb
CEO Verve Resolutions
I love my picture..... The mountains in the distance and the aspen in their wonderful glowing color, are breathtaking . So many memories are in the photo ...... I have it where I can see it every day !!!! You are so talented
Lee Ferrari Clark
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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